Love God - January 10, 2016

GEFC Mission Series Part 1

Mark 12:28-34

Life Group Questions:

1. How have you experienced God's love in your life? What does it mean to you that God moved first? Why do you feel this way?

2. Would you say that Loving God first is the most important thing in your life? Do your actions support your answer (most of the time)?

3. Read Deuteronomy 6:1-25. We all often forget the Lord in the day to day of our lives (vs. 12). How can you encourage one another to remember all that God has done for us? And how can you respond to Him with your love in all things?

4. What do you think of when Jesus says, heart, soul, mind and strength?

5. When we Love God first we say Yes to His invitation to be a participant over a spectator. How can you join in with God in your daily life?