Reaching the World - February 7th 2016

GEFC Mission Series Part 4

Revelation 7:9-12

Life Group Questions:

1. Where or who has God called you to reach out to right here around you? Why them?

2. When we think of God the Father holding salvation out to us, how does that compel you to hand it out to someone else?

3. Read John 1:14-18. John says Jesus was full of grace and truth. It can be hard to find a balance between those two things. What are some ways you can balance grace and truth in the context of reaching people for God?

4. When we feel like we can't undertake such a large calling of seeing the world reached for Christ, how can we remember to rely on the Holy Spirit?

5. When we are Reaching the World we must always remember that Jesus is the center of all these efforts. God is calling, this week listen closely so you won't miss out on where He is leading.