Your Father's Plan - 1/8/17

Ephesians Series: His Kind Will

Ephesians 1:1-6

Life Group Questions:

1. As you look back at the point you became a Christian, what were some of things God did to get your attention and to lead you to faith in Him?

2. What do you do to help yourself have a “serve others” mindset when you come to church? Do you consider yourself “easily edified”?

3. Read Ephesians 1:3-14. What does each “Person” of the Trinity (i.e. Father, Son, Spirit) do

according to this paragraph? Be sure to answer from the passage itself.

4. According to Ephesians 1:4 when did the Father choose you? To what does Ephesians 1:5 say

the Father predestined you?

5. What evidences do you see in Ephesians 1:1-6 that the Father’s will is kind?