Communion - April 2nd 2017

Easter Series 2017

Luke 22:7-23

Life Group Questions:

1. When do you remember first taking communion? Did you understand its meaning?

2. How do you prepare for communion? Exchange practical ideas in your group about how to prepare yourself and your family for communion.

3. Jesus altered the meaning of four elements in the Feasts of Unleavened Bread and Passover—the Lamb, the introductory toast (first cup), the flatbread and the third cup. Discuss the new meaning of each.

4. What is your takeaway from last Sunday’s observance of Communion? Discuss any questions or thoughts you have with your group.

5. Jesus concludes Communion with His disciples by giving hope for His eternal kingdom. As you pray together, thank the Lord for the hope of forever life He’s given you. Pray for someone who’s salvation you’re uncertain about.