Easter Sunday - April 16th 2017

Easter Series 2017

Luke 23:26-31, 24:1-12

Life Group Questions:

1. Read the lyrics to Odd Thomas’, The Reality of the Resurrection (or show the YouTube video—easy to find with a Google search). Think through the people in your life who are not followers of Jesus. Do they fit any of the categories of people in the opening lines of Thomas’ poem? Do you know why they feel as they do?

2. Read Luke 23:26-31. What “bursts of grace” do you discover?

3. Think about Mary Magdalen and her past. How did Jesus prepare her to be the first eyewitness of the Resurrected Messiah? What does that tell you about how Jesus instills hope?

4. What’s your “takeaway” been from this past Holy Week season?

5. Spend time praying for the salvation of lost family members and friends. Ask the Lord for direction of how you can connect with them for the sake of the Gospel.