Palm Sunday - April 9th 2017

Easter Series 2017

Luke 19:28-40

Life Group Questions:

1. Six families publicly affirmed their commitment to raise their little ones in the Gospel this past Sunday. Start your time together as a Life Group praying for those families and for the church to remain faithful to the Bible.

2. Share a time you thought you needed one thing, but God knew better and gave you what you actually needed. What did you learn from that time?

3. The villagers of Bethany and Bethpage formed a parade to coronate Jesus as King. What was unique about the way Jesus ministered to them? Why did that win their allegiance? What does Jesus’ ministry model teach you about reaching the people you know with the Gospel?

4. During Jesus life, He rebukes the Pharisees for their pride, fear and anger. Why did they respond to Jesus’ followers as they did in Luke 19:39-40?

5. This weekend we focus on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Will you be with family? Are you nervous about that? Share some requests regarding the upcoming holiday as a way to encourage one another.