No Greater Joy - May 14th 2017

Mother's Day 2017

3 John 1:2-8

Life Group Questions:

1. John says in 3 John 1:3 that Gaius is “walking in the truth.” Discuss what he means by that. What does that look like? What does walking in something other than the truth look like?

2. Read Psalm 15. Verse 2 commends the person who “speaks truth in his heart.” Why is that so important? How can you make sure you are telling yourself the truth? How do you help your children be honest with themselves?

3. The sermon discussed the cultural context when John wrote the letter of Third John. What stands out to you about those times?

4. Sometimes “walking in the truth” requires we put ourselves in danger for the sake of God’s will. That may end up being true for your kids as they get older. Are you okay with that? Talk about the challenge of letting your kids go as they approach adulthood.

5. Spend time praying for one another. Be sure to express gratitude for your family regardless of its shape.