Wisdom: Wise Parents and Children

Ephesians Series: Wisdom

Ephesians 6:1-4

Questions for reflection:

1. What is the “Parent Ownership” view of parenting? What dangers does it create? What is the “God Ownership” view of parenting? How does it impact your “house rules”?
2. If you can, watch together the video clip of Michael Jr. entitled “Know Your Why.” Discuss the
“what” and the “why” renditions of “Amazing Grace” by the audience member. How does that
impact the significance of your children learning the “why” behind obedience and respect?
3. What differences exist between the “Parent Ownership” and the “God Ownership” views of
parenting have on discipline?
4. What does your spouse do which helps you remember the big picture when the immediate
demands of parenting seem overwhelming?
5. Pray for each other’s children by name. Ask the Lord to show them reasons Jesus is worth living for.